You don’t have to be a genius, wise or clever to have knowledge. You simply have to want it; it is really that simple, if you want knowledge then all that is left is for you to take it. We at KIRU COMICS discourage ignorance as we regard it as one of the main sources of conflict in our world, so we will continue to do our best to make sure we don’t show it in our projects. Knowledge is easily acquired in this day & age, especially with the internet and other information sources so readily available. We all know the saying “Knowledge is Power” but knowledge is also a means to peace as it is an important tool when it comes to understanding one another.



Need we say more! Imagination is what KIRU COMICS is all about, remember when your imagination was limitless and filled with wonder, when you could appreciate the simple miracle that is life, see things from a unique perspective and dream up amazing phenomenons in your mind…YOUR MIND… But then you grew up and stopped enjoying one of the wonders of life simply because “It was the thing to do.” Well, our projects strive to re-fuel your imagination, to broaden it and give it back the spark it once had. And we’re not just big on imagination because we love comics; we truly believe imagination is a necessity for our world. Just think every idea or concept that led to great achievements started in someone’s imagination. We can’t let such an important tool simply die out. We must begin to think for ourselves again and not be afraid to dream big.



Each of us has a responsibility to our environment and to those around us and Kiru comics are no exception. We strive to be socially responsible in all we do, from the messages our stories deliver all the way to the printing and distribution of our books. We have also made a pledge to do what we can to create a valid and positive social impact. This can mean anything from donating to a charity, investing in a social enterprise, to giving out free copies of our books and so on. We will do all we can to spread the message of social responsibility. We are on a long mission to make the world a better place, one day at a time.



With knowledge comes understanding and with understanding comes respect & the ability for patience (tolerance). This is what allows us to get on well with our fellow man, what allows us to respect diversity in mankind & resolve conflicts between one another. Understanding is having the patience to put yourself in another’s shoes and see things from their point of view. This is why Kiru comics is big on exploring different cultures in our projects, because we feel if more people understood one another, then the world can only benefit from it.